police file destruction

If your criminal charges were withdrawn by the Crown Attorney, you may be eligible to have your police file, including the fingerprints and photos that were taken by the police, removed from the police database. 

ACF Pardons & Waivers can assist with the application to have your police file destroyed.  We have helped hundreds of people charged with criminal offences that were withdrawn erase their police file, and gain peace of mind knowing that their photos and fingerprints aren't being circulated within the police records system.

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ACF Pardons & Waivers staff are local, Law Society of Ontario licensed paralegals who have processed thousands of Record Suspension and U. S. Waiver applications since 1996.  Our mission is to serve our  community with honesty, integrity and professionalism.   We are located in Barrie, Ontario and are here to serve the residents of Central Ontario. 

Our Service Guarantee

  • We will protect your private information
  • We will ensure you are eligible before we begin the process
  • We will explain the process, our fees and disbursements
  • We will identify and discuss potential difficulties with your application
  • We will be honest with you at all times
  • We will return your emails and phone calls  in a timely manner
  • We will always act in YOUR best interest
  • Free* E Scan Fingerprinting when you attend our office to start the process


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Featured Services

Completely clear your criminal record forever with a full pardon from the Government of Canada.

Travel freely to the United States with a waiver from US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Completely destroy previous arrest records and files with both federal and local authorities.


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